Do you live a short distance from your body?

Is your body a stranger to You?

Do you want the gifts and power Your body offers
to CHANGE your life?

Learn to Live In and Through Your Body…

Look Good, Feel Great, Free-Your-Mind,
Live Your Truth, and BE Happy.

 I’ve been a body-mind-spirit therapist for nineteen years. I learned, through my own studies and my work with thousands of clients, that we have five vital energies: physical, emotional, mental, moral, and spiritual.

I call them intelligences. Each of these IQs can be measured, and more importantly–boosted and improved. Once we’ve peaked each of our IQs, we can spin them together, harmonizing them to produce massive spikes of joy, creativity, effectiveness, and energy.

Our bones, joints, and muscles (physical intelligence) are the cradle for all the other IQs. They hold the keys and the power to transform every other aspect of our life: feelings, thoughts, choices, and subtle energy (auric, prana, and chi or ki).

Your body is the hidden-in-plain-sight secret to growing up; to owning the vibrant health, happiness, and prosperity that people crave deep in their souls; the promise of a fabulous life that most people are to clueless to figure out.

And you know what? It’s not your fault. Most people don’t live in their bodies. They live in their minds, or emotions, or a spiritual fantasy; barely aware of the sensations and reality of their physical bodies.

Very few people know the true power to CHANGE their life lies in their very own body. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she had the power to go home all along. She just never knew how to use it.

Now, I’m going to reveal how you–and you alone–have the power to change every aspect of your life: body, heart, mind, choice, and spirit; how you can Step-in to your passions, via your body, and your very own fabulousness.

At the dawn of human time we worshipped nature—the sun, the moon, the stars, the mysteries of the seasons and our equally mysterious human bodies. Our ancient ancestors exalted our bodies as divinity itself–living and breathing in the web of spirit.

All that changed about 2400 years ago with a turning of the cosmic wheel. Time and spirit shifted. The teachings of Abraham, Lord Krishna, and Buddha, taught that our spirit and heaven was superior to the body and nature; that our bodies, along with time and space, must be transcended for true happiness and enlightenment. Heaven trumped nature.

Now’s an exciting time to be alive and to be in a body. The cosmic wheel of spirit is changing again. Integration is Key. It’s now time for heaven and earth to come together. And guess what? The body, our bodies, is where heaven and earth fuse reality and divinity into cosmic union. That’s right. Our very own bodies are the interface of Heaven and Earth.

Your Body holds the key. All you have to do is turn the locks to change your life. And with that turning YOU can begin a cosmic chain reaction that affects everyone and everything in time and space around you. You become the catalyst. You become the changes you wish to see.

So won’t you join me for this wild and delicious ride to discover your body, your own true nature? To own the power and joy found nested in every cell, muscle, and organ of your cosmically taste-treat body?

There are many ways to join the ride and enjoy the journey.

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Thank you and Be! with you soon, dancing along the cosmic waves?

Love your way…

Alan Davidson, author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences (IQs)