Animusic: Resonant Chamber – Is this real, or animation?

Many of the instruments appear to be robotic or play themselves using curious methods to produce and visualize the original compositions.

Resonant Chamber
Instruments in the order they’re presented:

  •         Eight-stringed Classical guitar
  •         Seven-string autoharp or possibly a seven-string Shamisen
  •         Two-string jazz bass
  •         Four-stringed tapping Guitar
  •         Two-string Ukulele
  •         Four-stringed luteIn this animation, it can be noted that there is only one dark sky with four windows and four different moons. One of them is the thick crescent moon, another is the full moon, third is the waning gibbous and the last one is the thin crescent moon. Inside the room, there are four lanterns already lit up.

This is so cool, I just had to share. Take a break from the doom and gloom and listen to what some electronic genius created.

Animusic – is it real or animation?


  1. b.magness says:

    the question was is this an animation or a real instrument? which is it? How are the fingers actuated; there does not appear to be any solenoids or mechanical drives moving the fingers!

  2. it’s extremely nice, well done, but mechanically spoken, impossible that it’s works…. no commands to the handles, no energy (whatever it can be) and so on….
    about 100 years ago, before the phonograph, juke boxes etc, some big pub had some huge automated music machines…… but unfortunately they are all gone, (creasy labour intensive to get them working and keep them working)

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