Asleep, Awake, Aware + Full Body, Full Breath Meditation

Asleep, Awake & Aware meditation talk + Full Breath, Full Body Meditation;

Includes the 1 distinction you need to know between Awake and Aware. And the three qualities of awareness in your brain.

I had the great pleasure last year to review the Nia White Belt, which is the six day intensive. The White Belt begins the in-depth training and embodiment of Nia’s principles for dancing and living through the world.
I took my first White Belt in 2006. I was thrilled to see how much I have grown since then. I was also pleased to see how much Nia and my teacher, Helen Terry, have transformed as well.
Helen gave one-of-the-best talks on presence, the body, sensation, and awareness that I’ve heard in thirty-plus years of studying meditation. Helen’s gift of razor-sharp clarity came during Principle Five: Awareness. In Nia we make the distinction between asleep, awake, and aware.
Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences is another way of describing the journey to awareness and embodiment.
To that end your Featured Article this week is actually a meditation talk I gave, inspired by Helen’s teaching, called “Asleep, Awake, Aware.” Followed by a sensational meditation.
Do enjoy..


  1. Thank you Alan, your voice has a natural ability to make it easy to feel into it. I love that, I learned something new too.

  2. Alan, as always your newsletter inspires me to the next level. From the last issue I bought a book that I am so excited to read and experience, and one of the activities I will add from this issues is to go back and audit all of my Nia training. What a great way to get back in touch with my senses! I will be there in July and hope to see you then! Your are such a gift in my life:)!

  3. Susann Cook says:

    Lovely experience listening, clear and compelling distinctions. And what a soothing voice!

    1. Susann;

      I am so excited to be with you again in a few weeks. Thanks for listening…and sensing. ad

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