Big Mind/Big Heart: Genpo Roshi and Bill Harris come to Houston

Genpo Roshi and Bill Harris in Houston, TX
Genpo Roshi and Bill Harris in Houston, TX

by Bill Harris

I’ve been telling you about the Big Mind / Big Heart
program I’ve been doing with Zen Master Genpo
Roshi for some time now.

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to attend, but were stopped by
cost, I’ve got some amazing news for you…

We’ve negotiated some really incredible deals in Houston
for our next Big Mind event. Between that and Genpo and
I slashing our own expenses to the bone, we can offer you
the experience of a lifetime for…

ONLY $397! (After $100 early registration discount.)
That’s right. You can participate in the most amazing and
transformative experience of your life for a mere $397.

You know, I’ve been doing these Big Mind programs with
Genpo Roshi for quite a while now. And the results people
get from the Big Mind process are so utterly amazing, I
wish everyone I know could experience it.

Honestly, wouldn’t you love to enjoy that certain level
of peace of mind, oneness with the universe, and
increased success that comes with a more complete
understanding of who you are and your place in this

That (and a whole lot more) is what you’ll get from
participating in Genpo’s Big Mind, Big Heart program.

Frankly, I can’t think of anything I’ve done in the
last 30 years that rivals the experience Genpo Roshi
and I have created for you in this two-day event.

Oh, it’s not just me blowing my own horn (although
I’m not opposed to that). Check out a few comments
from past Big Mind attendees…

“Hi Bill, I was one of the 220 participants in the two
day workshop of Big Mind/Big Heart. I can attest that
all you say is true. It is a mind blowing experience, and
like the gift that keeps on giving – days after I am still
basking in the glow.” –April

“I have been in the audience of many wonderful teachers,
but nothing in my experience compares with this last
weekend. I had no expectations really (except my usual
nagging feelings of self doubt i.e. I won’t be able to get
this,). I must admit that my mind is still trying to figure
out what took place.

Its still hard for me to put into words, but I can say the
experience and clarity is beyond any doubt. I must truly
say that this is THE most extraordinary experience of my
life so far.” –Richard

“For someone who lives in their emotions, this may
seem phony at first. But actually, it is quite liberating.

It freed up a lot of stuff for me, just to see that it
was possible to live in a different way.

Would we attend another conference? Absolutely.

Why? Because it’s a great thing to participate in:
the group dynamic, Genpo Roshi, Bill Harris. Did
anyone mention that Bill and Genpo are funny
together? They can almost go on the road with
a standup routine.” –Sandy

“I knew very little about Zen or Genpo Roshi; signed
up intuitively. I’ve been meditating, attending
growth seminars, workshops, studying, seeking, for
40+ years and most recently Holosync-ing, which I
Love! AND I was completely amazed to be in Big
Mind, experiencing the Transcendent State, feeling
Bliss and One With Everything completely out of
ego state within the first 5 or 10 minutes of Genpo’s

Exhillerating! Such an elegant, simple process,
masterfully facilitated by Genpo Roshi and also
Bill,at the end of the 1st day I realized a lifetime
of shame and accompanying shallow breathing had
been released. My body still feels very light and fully
“breathed,” effortlessly, with an added measure of
Happiness, Joy; Far less “grasping” at what I thought
was ‘Reality.’ –Jani

As you can see, these workshops provide an amazing,
life-changing experience.

I’d love to add your glowing comments to the
rapidly expanding list of people blown away by
this experience.

If you’re at all interested in spiritual awakening and
spiritual growth, I urge you to attend this incredible

Due to the bad economy, I’ve quite literally slashed
the cost for you to come to our next Big Mind/Big Heart
weekend workshop in Houston, TX. on October 24th
and 25th, 2009.

In fact, you can come to one of THE most beautiful cities
in the world and have a life-changing experience…

….for less than half of what others have paid.

Look. Even if you’re just a little bit curious, go to: to find out
more, or, better yet, go ahead and reserve your seat.

As I said, to help you out in these uncertain financial
times, the tuition for this event (if you register soon) is
the lowest we’ve ever offered. It’s a full $600 off the
$997 others have paid.

Finally, you can still bring a spouse or partner for less than
half the already discounted tuition of $497. If you split the
cost, two of you can come for only $322 each. See more
details at:

Please keep this in mind… at this outrageously discounted
price, a sell-out is quite likely (prior Big Mind events sold
out without the extra discount). So please don’t wait too
long to enroll.

Also, if you register right away, you’ll receive a copy
of Genpo Roshi’s amazing book, Big Mind, Big Heart
plus a collection of my articles about spiritual growth,
Oneness Isn’t Metaphysical.

So, if you’re interested, please register right away.

I know what an amazing effect Genpo Roshi has had
on my life and my own growth. Now I want to share
him with you. Please do whatever it takes to be with
us in Houston, TX on October 24th and 25th.

To reserve your seat, go to:
right now, while you’re thinking about it. If you have
questions, please call Kelli at 503-906-6026.

Genpo and I look forward to helping you take your
life to a whole new level.

Be well.


P.S. Remember, you must register now in order to
guarantee your seat. Bring your spouse and they can
come for less than half the regular tuition. Don’t miss
the opportunity to spend two incredible days with Zen
master Genpo Roshi and me in a relatively small and
intimate setting.

So go to:
and register right now.

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