Eight Divine Soul Energies



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In this short training video I show you…

  • Each of your Eight Divine Soul Energies;
  • the Soul Gift of each of those Soul Energies; and
  • the shadow effect of dis-owning your Divine Soul Energy; and
  • A Soul Clearing & Activation meditation.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”~ Nikola Tesla

I’m back again, singing one of my favorite songs, about the spiritual journey… “activate & clear; clear & activate.” Maybe this is the punchy chorus to a much grander spiritual anthem.

This time I’m talking about clearing the blocks and then activating your Divine Soul Energies.

All of us are connected to Divine Source Energy, heck we ARE Divine Source Energy, and most of us aren’t using but a fraction of that infinite source of divine light and love in our day to day lives.

Our spiritual anatomy, our energetic matrix, is made up of eight different frequencies of “soul energy.” Each of these soul energies vibrate at a specific range of frequency. And each has a unique set of gifts and strengths available to us.

Everyone has a “primary” Soul Energy; and most people have a secondary Soul Energy.

Each Divine Soul Energy has its own specific gifts that support and lead us through our own unique spiritual journey.

Every single person has eight frequencies spread out in different and unique percentages.

As an example my primary Soul Energy is Divine Wisdom, and my secondary is Divine Love. Divine Love is just perfect for a career spiritual teacher, bodyworker and healer.

Most people are barely using a fraction of their available primary solar energy. Each of these Divine Soul Energies does have to be activated and manifested. Clearing the energy blocks also helps the souls evolution to a higher and higher soul frequency.

Here’s an example, I was a privileged to do a Soul Reading, Clearing, Healing & Activation session for my friend, Amy. Now Amy is a world class healer; one of the most powerful and well respected energy healers in the US. When I checked Amy’s so matrix, it showed she was only using 38% of her available primary divine soul energy.

That means that Amy had 62% of that specific soul energy still available as potential. As I said to her, “Imagine just how potent I healer you will be when you activate the other 62% of this divine soul energy.”

For most of the soul readings that I do people are in the 18% to low 30% range of tapping, skillfully-using, and embodying their primary soul energy.

I filmed a short training video for you, The Eight Divine Soul Energies.

If you are an Enlightening Expert, biz owner, a leader, or an artist of any kind; you will definitely want to know about Divine Creation and Divine Power…and how essential they are to success in our 3-D world.


Alan D~

PS I’ve been obsessed with learning and studying the “how’s and why’s” of our human experience since about 1977. Until I learned about all eight of the Soul Energies I would have bet that Divine Love was my primary Soul Energy. Now I realize that embodying and teaching Divine Wisdom is my strongest gift.

Karma Clearing: Crash Course

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In this short video you will learn…

  • What is universal karma,
  • what is personal karma,
  • what is genetic karma,
  • what is ancestral karma,
  • what is karma from this life, and
  • what is karma from your past lives?

I also show you how karmic imprints are stored in the seven embodied chakras and the painful and destructive emotions that are trapped in your life by those energetic blocks of “frozen liquid light.”

Plus, I show you one of the most powerful practices that I know of to speed up “walking your karma.”

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Deva Premal & Mitten:

We want you to know about a beautiful evening of Sacred Music with Deva Premal and Miten at Unity of Houston sponsored by our friends at Spectrum Center on Thursday, May 18th at 7:30pm.

Deva Premal & Miten: Yoga of Sacred Song and Chant

Deva and Miten’s music is an expression of spiritual devotion, through song and chant. The couple have been living and playing together since 1991, releasing a string of acclaimed CDs along the way. The openness and honesty in which they share their lives and their music has touched the hearts of thousands of seekers throughout the world.
“Our music is born out of meditation and a celebration of life. It’s not a matter of entertaining people.” says Miten.
Part 1:

Part 2:


Transforming Shadow Into Divine Light: 
Embody Your Personal Power and Spiritual Authority

Led by Alan Davidson

What keeps you stuck in limiting paradigms of thinking and being? What keeps you repeating old, painful patterns of action-reaction? What keeps you dancing through the spectrum of “exaggerating up your self-importance” or feeling like a door-mat?

Humanity has evolved to a pivotal moment in consciousness, both planetary and universal.

Meditation methods have evolved so that most anyone can access the exalted states of enlightenment with-in an hour.

So what keeps you stuck in your “small self?”

Evolutionary Meditation shows you how to Free Your Mind, Open Your Heart, Embody Your Soul, & Change Your World, so that you can Show Up as your most radiant enlightening self.

So how do we do that?

Showing Up as you most fully-enlightened, fully-embodied Radiant Self is essential if you are to play a part in transforming humanity, these times, this world.

Do you hear the soul song calling you to evolve and “show up” in every area of your life?

Showing Up

  • Ecstatic in your Spiritual Connection,
  • Undefended at Heart to your most Important Relationships,
  • Impassioned fully in your Career-Calling,
  • Flourishing with vibrant Health & Wellbeing,
  • At Peak Performance and Flow on your road to Meaning & Mastery…

Showing Up at every level of your being…Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Morally, & Spiritually as your Evolutionary Unique Self.

Free Your Mind with the Five States of Pure Awareness is now easier than ever with Evolutionary Meditation skills.

Open Your Heart through the Eight Stages of Development, with each stage you experience more Love (these stages reflect both your personal growth and the growth of the societies we live in).

Cleaning Up is our twist on Shadow Work; healing the hidden sacred wounds, core complexes, & defense mechanisms that keep us stuck in outdated and painful patterns. We can be wounded at one or more stages of our growth. Wounds at a specific stage of your growth cause very specific defensive behaviors. Depending on what stage or stages you are wounded at will determine the choices you make and how you act and react to the circumstances around you.

This is where the The Rule Maker, The Judge, The Inner-Critic, The Rule Keeper & The Punisher come in. This toxic dance of “voices, or inner-parts” start when you are wounded at the earliest stage of your growth, from birth to 5 years old.

At this childhood stage child you focused on issues of power, safety and security. Wounding at stage create “parts, voices, personas, or sub-personalities” with an inner need to protect you; one, by deflating yourself, i.e. The Inner Critic; or two, inflating yourself, i.e. The Judge.

It’s important to realize that all three of these “parts;” The Rule Maker, The Judge, The Inner-Critic, The Rule Keeper & The Punisher are driven by inner feelings of inferiority.

The good news is, that Evolutionary Meditation allows you to speak to, work with, and heal the “parts, voices, personas, or sub-personalities” that are holding those old wounds. You can access your most powerful, enlightened, aware, and compassionate self to help to heal these young parts of your-self. Evolutionary Meditation also brings the qualities of joy and laughter to the healing process.

This workshop will show you how to access the most enlightened parts of yourself so that you can skillfully heal “The Rule Maker, The Judge, The Inner-Critic, The Rule Keeper & The Punisher” parts of you. And finally break free of these painful life-long patterns…

em-banner2_960x250-01Evolutionary Meditation lets you experience profound depths of meditation within 30 or so minutes, even if you’ve never meditated a day in your life.

Experience Evolutionary Meditation and “The Stillness of Pure Being;” your Higher Self that is already, always, awake…that part of you that is vast spaciousness, infinite stillness, and eternal emptiness.

Experience your Divine Mother, your Higher Self that is the “infinite ocean of luminous love and light,” inexhaustible unconditional love, and fierce compassion.

Experience your Divine Discernment, the part of you that understands the higher wisdom of every choice.

Experience your Sword of Compassion, the part of you that is “compassion in action” cutting through all ignorance and suffering with Divine Love.

Experience your Evolutionary Unique Self; that voice of your Higher Self that embodies ALL the parts of you; those parts that still live and operate in shadow and those parts that are quite competent and mature; the Evolutionary Unique Self that transcends and includes ALL the already, always enlightened parts of you.

Experience your Evolutionary Mystic, that part of you that co-creates with evolution and the universe itself!

This workshop is open to ALL levels of meditation: from first-timers and newbies to very seasoned meditators and spiritual practitioners.


Transforming Shadow Into Divine Light:
Healing The Rule Maker, Rule Keeper, Judge, Inner-Critic & Punisher
with Evolutionary Meditation

Houston, TX~ The Spectrum Center ~
1 Day Workshop + An Evening
Friday Night & Saturday  | May 26th & 27th, 2017 |
(Memorial Weekend)

Friday 6 to 9 PM; Saturday 10 AM to 8 PM.

Early Bird till Monday May 1st: $297

After May 2nd: $397


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cropped-ThroughYourBody.jpgAbout Alan Davidson

Alan says, “I fuel the tipping point of human consciousness. 3% of the world’s population is dancing around “enlightenment” as a way of being; roughly the current population of Europe. As that # of enlightened people grows to 6% and 7% the problems that plague humanity now will dramatically shift. As 10% of the world’s population shifts into full enlightened consciousness a tipping point of transformation will make life on earth a very different experience for those who follow us.”

Alan Davidson is the creator of Evolutionary Meditation and the founder of ThroughYourBody.com. He’s the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences, the #1 best-selling Health and Wellness book and winner of two national Book-of-the-Year Awards.

Alan is a sitting board member for the Center of Integral Wisdom, along with Ken Wilber, Marc Gafni, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield, John Grey, Sally Kempton and a host of other world class spiritual teachers.

Alan has a B.S. from University of Houston, Downtown, with an emphasis on psychology, sociology, philosophy, and religion. He is fascinated with the intersection of bodywork, psychology, and spiritual practice.  Alan has taught massage, meditation, movement, and human transformation since 1990.

Alan is the midwife of Evolutionary Meditation…affectionately called Enlightened Tapping. It’s the synthesis of Voice Dialogue, Big Mind Meditation, and EFT/Tapping.

Alan lives in the shadow of downtown Houston, TX with his husband, Jim.