Body, Mind, Spirit Exercises: Five Exercises for Your Five Vital IQs in Ten Minutes


right click to download the .pdf graphic of Your Five Vital IQs

My first offering in this Body-Mind-Spirit mini series is Five Exercises for Your Five Vital IQs in Ten Minutes. These are the five essential, and also simple and short, exercises for your Physical, Emotional, Mental, Moral, & Spiritual IQs.

Physical Intelligence – Sense and center your body,
Emotional Intelligence – Breathe through your heart,
Mental Intelligence – Still your mind,
Moral Intelligence – Give wisely, and
Spiritual Intelligence – Free your chi.

The primary benefits of these five foundational exercises are:

Unshakable sense of presence,
Be happy, joyful, and free,
Stop addictive behaviors,
Change self-sabotaging choices,
Let go of corrosive emotions,
Live your LIFE’s purpose,
Do work you LOVE (and get paid well for it),
Be free from FEAR (living in and reacting with),
Quit fighting “what is,”
Connect you to divine inspiration and creativity,
Spark Enlightenment.

Alan Davidson is the founder of and the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences; #1 best-selling .


  1. Sylvia Bone says:

    Great and simple!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Sylvia Boone says:

    Thanks Alan! I really could feel the energy vibrating through my hands and spreading to the vital parts of my body.
    Blessing for sharing!

  3. thank you alan
    for simple Ways to enhance being …
    also happy to see you on screen
    and thus to get to know you a little better …
    may the longtime Sun shine on you ………

  4. Thank you Alan. It felt good just to stop and be peaceful. The heart breathe was quote emotional. I will aim to do these every morning !

  5. Alan this was wonderful. Simplicity with a powerful impact. Would you consider emailing me the five spiritual IQs star so I can have a visual reference handy as I learn? Thanks again for the gift!

  6. Very helpful, thank you Alan. I found myself using sense and center walking the dogs. Some of what you’re sharing is coming automatically now when I need it. The Pure being meditation with SFW was helpful as well. Love the Learning. Very Grateful, blessings Penny

    1. Penny – so glad to hear you are taking sense and center “off the mat” and into the world. As simple as sense and center is to teach, it is a lifetime practice for me. I come back to it over and over again. It’s really my core spiritual practice. Thanks for finding YOUR way in the GREAT Way. ad

  7. That’s just what I needed today. thank you for helping me become more centered and focused for today and the rest of my life.

  8. Linda Sanicola says:

    Thank you, Alan, a peaceful setup to begin my workday.

  9. Beppie van Burken - Adams says:

    Great exercises and I will certainly do them daily. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks Beppie, the real power in these simple exercises is in doing them often. Simple and profound. They def give me a big bang for the investment of time and energy. Thanks again for sharing your experience with the rainbow breath. Shine on…

  10. cheryl pollard says:

    Lovely to see the elements of tried and trusted spiritual paths Tao and Buddhist in particular, coming together in a simple 10 minute exercise, Alan you’re a marvel taking time to offer us all this wonderful free gift.
    Are you writing another book by the way?
    Much love
    Cheryl x

    1. Cheryl, I love the wisdom of all the mystical paths…Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Kaballah, the Christian mystics. They show us the gift of presence and surrendering to the NOW, the moment…And yes I am writing another book…my working title is Wise Heart, Brilliant Mind. Thanks for asking, thanks for watching…ad

  11. Thanks Alan. It is the end of a long day, and I decided to tune in and do the exercises. They helped me to once again get centered, find my breath, calm and re-connect with me. Released the accumulated energy of the day and helped me relax for my evening here at Tigh Shee. Thanks

    1. Ms. Betty, So happy to share a relaxing respit after a long day. These simple and yet profound exercises will transport you deep into the wisdom that is you…thanks for your love and support. ad

      PS Where is Tigh Shee?

  12. andie pope says:

    what a wonderful oasis. thank you so much for the gift.

    1. Andie, Drink deep from the oasis that is your body wisdom. The secrets of the universe are there for you…ad

  13. Vivienne Brookes says:

    Wow Alan! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Some complex stuff made very easy to understand

    1. Vivienne, you are most welcome! Glad the simplicity is working for you. Stick with the exercises and you will sense a profound shift…ad

  14. Darren pugh says:

    Great stuff Al- as always, Top man.

    Darren (uk).

    1. Darren, thanks for the thumbs up. Great to hear from you. How’s across the pond? Keep breathing…

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