Your Inner Critic

YOUR “INNER-CRITIC: by Alan Davidson

I remember the first time I met Ann Lasater, a very gifted bodyworker, visiting Houston and offering sessions.

She came highly recommended to me and I signed up for an experience.

And what a full-body, full life trip THAT was!

I had never been with anyone in my life who demanded so much presence from me.

I had to pay full attention…

  • to the sensations in my body,
  • the emotions and memories coming up during our work,
  • the energy and dialogue between us.

 As a life-long escape artist, it was hard being that damn present, even if it was just for an hour-and-a-half.

When we finished our time together, I scheduled another session.

As I was driving away, I vividly remember a voice in my head saying, “Why did you do that for? You know you not going back to see that woman.”

QUESTION: Have you ever been faced with an important decision and began to weigh the pros and cons?

And the voices in your head have very clear reasons why you should and should-not do something?

It’s no secret that “the self,” the person I believe myself to be is actually made up of an entire “family” of different, unique voices.

Some people call them parts, some sub-personalities, some experts call them complexes.

I just call them “voices.”

One of those voices is often called your “inner-critic.”

It’s that nagging voice that’s in the background going, “You should ’a, could ’a, done it better, done it differently, done it perfect.”

The “inner-critic” is an ever-flowing source of constant self-cruelty, pain, and suffering.

I honestly believe that every one of the voices in my head is there to help keep me safe and help me find happiness.

But for me a ton of those voices were born under great stress and/or trauma.

Their deep desire to see me happy and safe are warped by ancient history, trapped in a dangerous world view, and stifling protective skills that just don’t serve me anymore (and often cause more harm than good).

QUESTION: Do you have a voice like that in your head?

I stumbled on a video that pretty much shows the “inner-critic” in full swing.

REAL QUICK: It’s a short six minute video that shows a forensic sketch artist hiding behind a screen.

You know the kind of artist that police departments use when an eye witness to a crime sits down to describe the perpetrator.

The FBI trained artist blindly sketched the women as they described themselves.

Later someone who had just met that same woman earlier in the day sat down with the artist and described her.

Seeing the portraits side-by-side was astounding.

I was laid bare to see the painful effect the “inner-critic” had on these women and how they described and experience themselves.

In a few days I’ll tell you more about how I have work with my “inner-critic” and turned that voice into an “inner-Christ,” a source of unconditional love and support.

I use a unique blend of western psychology, eastern mysticism, and EFT/Tapping.

PS – I did go back to see Ann Lassater. She became my friend and teacher. Her work changed my life and mid-wifed the man I am today.  Glad I didn’t listen to that voice who scoffed at me making that second appointment…


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And don’t forget: YOU are more beautiful than you think!

A real beauty subject with her two portraits

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