Eight Divine Soul Energies



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In this short training video I show you…

  • Each of your Eight Divine Soul Energies;
  • the Soul Gift of each of those Soul Energies; and
  • the shadow effect of dis-owning your Divine Soul Energy; and
  • A Soul Clearing & Activation meditation.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”~ Nikola Tesla

I’m back again, singing one of my favorite songs, about the spiritual journey… “activate & clear; clear & activate.” Maybe this is the punchy chorus to a much grander spiritual anthem.

This time I’m talking about clearing the blocks and then activating your Divine Soul Energies.

All of us are connected to Divine Source Energy, heck we ARE Divine Source Energy, and most of us aren’t using but a fraction of that infinite source of divine light and love in our day to day lives.

Our spiritual anatomy, our energetic matrix, is made up of eight different frequencies of “soul energy.” Each of these soul energies vibrate at a specific range of frequency. And each has a unique set of gifts and strengths available to us.

Everyone has a “primary” Soul Energy; and most people have a secondary Soul Energy.

Each Divine Soul Energy has its own specific gifts that support and lead us through our own unique spiritual journey.

Every single person has eight frequencies spread out in different and unique percentages.

As an example my primary Soul Energy is Divine Wisdom, and my secondary is Divine Love. Divine Love is just perfect for a career spiritual teacher, bodyworker and healer.

Most people are barely using a fraction of their available primary solar energy. Each of these Divine Soul Energies does have to be activated and manifested. Clearing the energy blocks also helps the souls evolution to a higher and higher soul frequency.

Here’s an example, I was a privileged to do a Soul Reading, Clearing, Healing & Activation session for my friend, Amy. Now Amy is a world class healer; one of the most powerful and well respected energy healers in the US. When I checked Amy’s so matrix, it showed she was only using 38% of her available primary divine soul energy.

That means that Amy had 62% of that specific soul energy still available as potential. As I said to her, “Imagine just how potent I healer you will be when you activate the other 62% of this divine soul energy.”

For most of the soul readings that I do people are in the 18% to low 30% range of tapping, skillfully-using, and embodying their primary soul energy.

I filmed a short training video for you, The Eight Divine Soul Energies.

If you are an Enlightening Expert, biz owner, a leader, or an artist of any kind; you will definitely want to know about Divine Creation and Divine Power…and how essential they are to success in our 3-D world.


Alan D~

PS I’ve been obsessed with learning and studying the “how’s and why’s” of our human experience since about 1977. Until I learned about all eight of the Soul Energies I would have bet that Divine Love was my primary Soul Energy. Now I realize that embodying and teaching Divine Wisdom is my strongest gift.

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