Embodying Your Soul’s Legacy: 3 Essentail Rituals

Hey Evolutionary Mystic…

Two things for you today

  • The three rituals for manifesting your Soul’s Legacy…
  • A Soul Legacy success story from Boston

Holy smokes! What kind of voodoo did you work with me? You really are a magician…

My Soul Legacy Manifestation VIP session was fabulous. For my 10 year Soul Goal you had to confront me, using one of your favorite lines, “You’re not dreaming big enough; what’s bigger! What do you want from deep in your soul-of-souls?”

Repeating another one of your favorite tunes, “Now make your Soul Goal specific and measurable. What can we see, hear, sense, and feel to know this Soul Legacy IS a manifested REALITY?”

Helping me through my own resistance, you coached me into declaring that “Deepak Chopra introduces me to a sold out crowd of thousands, raving about my work and the impact I’ve had on the evolution of consciousness.

My skeptical side thought, “Yeah, right.” And…we set that Soul Goal manifestation in motion!

At a meeting TWO weeks after our session, I sat down next to the Director of the Chopra Center. We hit it off famously. Turns out they needed help with some things me and my team are really good at. So we helped The Chopra Center out. Now I am a trusted and respected friend to Deepak’s center, with a direct channel to Deepak himself.

Amazing coincidence? I think not…

For my 3 Year Soul Goal you coached me into declaring “I have a New York Times best-selling book.”

Writing another book wasn’t even on my radar; I didn’t have the time or bandwidth; I didn’t even want to think about it.

And with your coaching, we set that manifestation in motion.

Six weeks later I led a break out session for ACEP, an international energy medicine conference. By the end of the conference I had two top-tier publishing houses offer to publish my next book (they are both household names in our world, I just can’t announce a deal yet).

I was stunned…and thrilled. So time to write my new book!

So I ask again, “What voodoo did you work with me?” Your Soul Legacy work is like NOTHING I’ve ever experienced in all my years of learning and teaching transformation. Thank you Alan D! You are truly an evolutionary mystic.

Margaret M. Lynch Attleboro, MA


Your Soul Legacy is the soul potential you have available in this lifetime to activate and embody. Which is way greater than your dominant left-brain, thinking mind can even imagine, much less wrap it’s possibilities and probabilities around.

Imagine taking your last dying breath and your soul leaving your body…

Sense knowing that you achieved every level of BEING that your soul knew was possible in this lifetime. That you left this world a better place than when you arrived…with more peace, more love, more joy in your corner of creation.

Imagine your soul giving a whole body, whole being, “Yes!” Now add a rainbow light-body fist-pump!


Here are the Three Essential Rituals to set your Soul Legacy Manifestation in motion:

To embody and manifest your Soul Legacy, I use my Evolutionary Mystic Manifestation Protocol in a very unique and specific way.


With three finely detailed rituals, we set each of your Soul Goal manifestations into motion.

Ritual #1) your ten year Soul Goals;

Ritual #2) your three year Soul Goal;

Ritual #3) Your 90-day Soul Goal.

Each of these three Soul Goals are congruent and in alignment with your highest Soul Self and your Soul’s Legacy.

Manifesting each Soul Goal leads you to BEING your most fabulous, most enlightened Self.

Manifesting each of these Soul Goals also leads you to embodying, living in your 3-D reality your very own, unique Soul Legacy.

Each manifestation helps you build the deep impact that will live on long after your physical body takes its final breath.

Think of the “nested” Russian Dolls.

russian-dollsManifesting each of your Soul Goals helps flex the spiritual muscles you need to realize your truest self…and to manifest as a true Evolutionary Mystic. They are flip sides of the same coin.

This is success and goal setting in service to evolution itself. It is you co-creating with Divine Intelligence. It is you completely surrendered to the Universal Laws, and knowing how to ride the waves of manifestation into being itself.

And this level of BEING is frackin’ fabulous!

To get you started, what are you Soul Legacy Goals?

What you dream of in your soul-of-souls?

Your Soul Legacy can be a happy, healthy family.

Your Soul Legacy can be a book that is in print hundreds of years after you die; that continues to touch hearts and inspire readers for years to come.

Your Soul Legacy can be a business or foundation that continues your good works after you are long gone.

Your Soul Legacy can be a movement that transforms and transmutes humanity on its evolution

Now write down a few specific and measurable realities that we can see, hear, sense, and feel that proves this vision of you and your life is alive in 3-D reality.

Let me know what you come up with…


I’m offering a small group 90 day enlightenment & manifestation spurt to “embody your soul legacy; tap your most fabulous, most extraordinary self; and start manifesting your 10 year, 3 year, and 90 day Soul Legacy goals.”

This unique group is limited to 9 extraordinary people who are ready to manifest their Soul’s desire and Legacy.

Till now, this Soul Legacy manifestation work was only available to my $5k monthly VIP marketing clients and my $3k monthly spiritual mentoring clients.

To apply for this intimate Fall-2017 Embodying Your Soul Legacy: Enlightenment & Manifestation 90 Day Spurt, please click here and fill out the short questionnaire.


Thanks so much…


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