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Shadow Into Light! Transforming…
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Divine Discernment & Sword of Compassion

Friday Evening and All-Day Saturday~ May 26th & 29th, 2017
(Memorial Day Weekend)


Evolutionary Meditation Experience 

Coming Fall of 2017!


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Enlightening Expert Success CodeThe Enlightening Expert Success Code w Alan Davidson~ The Simple & Elegant Four Step Formula for Creating an Online Biz That Lets You to Reach “Your People,” Have a BOLD Impact in the World, AND Earn More $$$…All While Living In Line With Your Core Values and Your Most Radiant, Enlightening Self (Ongoing) – Click here to learn more

Soul-Of-SuccessThe Soul of Success w Alan Davidson~ How to Align With Your Own Divine Nature and Invoke Your Highest Path and Purpose In Order For You to Create a Life of Massive Abundance and Inner Fulfillment. (Ongoing) – Click here to learn more


Enlightened Tapping for HangoutsEnlightened Tapping: An Evolutionary Meditation~ I’m Natalie Ledwell from Mind Movies and I’m interviewing my dear friend, Alan Davidson, about his evolutionary Enlightened Tapping Meditation. Together we’ll show you EXACTLY how to have a full-on enlightened experience, even if you’ve never meditated a day in your life! (Ongoing) – Click here to learn more

Evolutionary Enlightenment Amazing States & Permanent Traits Sept 2015Evolutionary Enlightenment: Amazing States to Permanent Traits w Alan Davidson~ Join me for a Deep Dive into Evolutionary Enlightenment…The FIVE States of BEING, The FIVE Portals of Wisdom & The FIVE Stages of Enlightenment
(Ongoing) – Click here to learn more

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EE-SchoolDeep Dive Trainings for:

Signature Course-Creation School,
Funnel School (Evergreen Webinars),
Launch School (Product Launches)

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EE-MastermindThis manifesting mastermind group is a powerful think-tank for action-takers. It’s a network of “like-souls” that help you align your vision with your higher self, design the strategy you need to manifest that vision; and implement the best-practices you need to succeed. Throughout history, all great men and women have surrounded themselves with supporting people and energies, literally “standing on the shoulder of giants.”

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VIP-CoachingAlign Your Vision With Your Higher Self – Define Your Strategy to Manifest Your Vision And Goals

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