Ellen Degeneres, Gladys & I Love Jesus, but I Drink a Little

This is hysterical. I laughed a hearty good laugh.


Ellen Degeneres: I love Jesus but I drink a little
Ellen Degeneres: I love Jesus but I drink a little


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  1. thanks Alan, what a treat, two lovely ladies! Bless you, bless you, love as always, Marie

    1. Marie;

      I’m glad you got a kick from Gladys and Ellen, too. They lift my spirits every time I watch them (and tickle my funny bone). How are things across the pond today? ad

  2. Thanks Alan…………I love Buddhas and also enjoy two dark cask organic ales………..would love to have a couple with Gladys!

    1. Junpo, Glad you enjoyed Gladys. She would be a hoot to have a couple of ales with. Be with you in Houston next trip? ad

  3. Fun. Both the line, I love jesus but I drink a little – and Ellen laughing.

    1. Elsa; The thought of Gladys hopped on liquor and working the phone lines at QVC had me laughing too; Jesus and all. Have a fab day! ad

  4. john Reilly says:

    I was doubled up laughing with Joy..so infectious.. Thank you very much Alan. :~))

    1. John, I’m so happy I could share a spot of “infectious laughter” to start your day. Remember chi follows joy…ad

  5. Hi Alan. Thank you for the laugh. Appreciated m8!


  6. Thanks Alan! Thats put a smile on my face! Appreciate that very much.


    1. Byrn;

      Glad Ellen and Gladys brought a bit of joy to your day. They still make me laugh.

      Have a fab day!

  7. Hi Alan, Good to re-connect. ~Love the video. Hoot! Mx

  8. Thanks for sharing that Ellen episode, I’ve got to jot Ellen down as one of my favorite comedians, it can’t wait.

    I also found the section about evolutionary unfoldment to be enlightening.

    If only 3% of the population has developed their “cosmic care”, that means we’re progressing as a race. That’s only the beginning. Have fun.

  9. Your BLOG is great! The video really made me have a good laugh! God is joy and can laugh also! If not she needs a shrink. Life is hard and making someone smile is wonderful. Thank You!!


  10. Wow, after all that buildup of comments I was bummed that the video had been pulled by the user. I must have missed a great one!

  11. I’m glad this is still making the rounds through the internet. I posted this video on my site last March. Gladys is a hoot, and Ellen is gracious. I love this. I added this, from A Course in Miracles:

    Into eternity,
    where all is one,
    there crept a tiny, mad idea,
    at which the Children of God remembered not to laugh.
    In their forgetting did the thought become a serious idea,
    and possible of both accomplishment and real effects.
    Together, we can laugh them both away,
    and understand that time can not intrude upon eternity.
    It is a joke to think that time can come to circumvent eternity,
    which means there is no time.
    –A Course In Miracles

  12. This was hilarious! I love a good laugh or two to brighten the day! Thanks tons.

  13. Thank you for that. It really made me laugh – talk about raising ones vibes. Thank you – God Bless.

  14. Pretty funny video. If you need webhosting be sure to click my user name.

  15. What a hilarious clip of Ellen and Gladys.. such a hoot and hope Ellen calls her regularly:) Thanks for sharing it

  16. OMG! I live in Austin and would love to visit with Gladys in person! Hilarious video clip…I love to laugh and this one tickled me silly. I haven’t watched TV in over a year…makes me reconsider! hehe Thanks for sharing…

  17. I just love Ellen and Gladys !! I even have a T-shirt with “I love Jesus, but I drink a little!” (although I don’t) *lol*

  18. High point of my day. Thanks for the laugh.


  19. Thanks for sharing Alan. Great way to start my morning!

  20. your site is great and the elen clip is hilarious please check out my site and especially the links section thanks

  21. This was so funny. Thank you for the laugh Alan. I think Gladys is cool and refreshingly honest.

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