IONS: Buddha’s Brain

Hey, IONS friends. Here is the .pdf file to the powerpoint slides for my talk,

Right Click this link to “Save As” and download to your computer!

This is a two part lecture…

Part 1:

Right click to download the .mp3 audio of this talk.

Part 2:

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The .pdf of the PowerPoint Slides for this talk!

Right click to download the .pdf file of these slides!

What I will show you in this 90 minute talk: part lecture, part experience.

Your code for living Socrates’ “The Good Life”

Your Five Vital Intelligences –

Your brain’s four evolutionary stages –

Your brain’s empathy circuit

Your brain’s wiring for cruelty and evil

Your Empathy Spectrum – the three kinds of Empathy

How to train your unconscious mind

Your Conscious Mind – Three Qualities of Attention –

Your Superconscious mind – Gamma brain waves & whole brain synchrony

Sensing Your Big Why

Love – The four types of communicating –

Cosmic Care – may all beings be happy

Wise Hearts & Brilliant Minds – Turning “temporary states into permanent traits.”

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