Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory 101, Spiral Dynamics 101, and Embodying Integral and the Spiral with Big Mind Meditation

Body, Mind, Spirit, Shadow: Big Mind and Integral Spirituality introduction for Houston Chapter of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)

(The video recordings of this presentation are located at the bottom of this post).

Cindy will lead with Integral Spirituality for about 45 minutes, with a focus on the stages of development/Spiral Dynamics.

Cindy Wigglesworth presents Ken Wilber’s Integral Map which is the most comprehensive map of human awareness available—a “big picture” view of reality that includes East and West, traditional and cutting-edge. Alan followed with Big Mind, speaking to the voices of some of the stages Cindy just introduced us to. Everyone experienced these important voices/stages in their bodies. They may have noticed which voices are in shadow and or disowned.

The Five Elements of the Integral Map:

·      Quadrants—dimensions of experience such as

o     the Good (morals, culture),

o     the True (science, nature), and

o     the Beautiful (arts, self).

·      Levels or Stages—the actual milestones of growth and development like Selfish, Care, and Cosmic Care (or “me,” “us,” and “all of us”).

·      Lines of Development—refers to multiple intelligences such as cognitive, emotional, moral, or aesthetic.

·      States—states of consciousness such as waking, dreaming, and deep sleep.

·      Types—refers to typologies like masculine/feminine, or feeling/thinking/sensing/intuiting.

The Big Mind Process presented by Alan Davidson was created by Genpo Roshi. Big Mind, integrating the insights of Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, and the Voice Dialogue of Hal and Sidra Stone is a fast and effective approach to experiencing your highest self and biggest heart, employing an elegant synthesis of Zen and western psychology.

Cindy Wigglesworth–As Founder and Owner of Conscious Pursuits, Inc. Cindy bridges a solid business background with her passionate beliefs about the importance of integrating our spiritual and work lives.

Her prior work experience includes 20+ years in human resources management for ExxonMobil Corporation, performing in all the traditional areas of HR.

Cindy’s spiritual foundation comes from a lifetime study of philosophy, psychology, religion and related sciences. Her latest studies have included Jungian Psychology, the science of consciousness, quantum physics and the major world religions. With a personal library of over 800 books, she can always be found with a book nearby and educational audiotapes in the car!

She has gained a reputation as an expert in the field of “spirit at work” and speaks regularly on the subject.

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