Quick Tip: Lavender Essential Oil~ The #1 Stash for your Summer First-Aid Kit!

I was sitting next to my friend Hubert at a meeting in Durango, CO when he got the call. His wife, Theresa, back home in Long Island, had suffered a 2nd degree burn. I got on the phone and over-nighted her one bottle each of Lavender Absolute and Lavender Official essential oils (along with some pads for compressing the burns). After quite a few color changes and “peeling stages,” Theresa’s face is much better. It looks like there won’t be any scarring. Her chest burn is taking longer to heal and is looking good!

Lavender essential oil: the #1 Stash for your summertime firstaid kit

Lavender is just about the perfect Essential Oil for summertime. It’s excellent for bites, burns, cuts and scrapes. Lavender oil is THE best treatment for any kind of burn. For sun burns mix 80 drops of Lavender E/O in an ounce of natural lotion. Apply every two to four hours. It’ll take out the sting and may prevent peeling at all if you are diligent. You may smell like your grandmothers sachet drawer, but your skin’ll be happy.

If you are severely burned Lavender can sting a bit, so use sparingly, in a in a lotion, until the burn heals some.

Lavender is one of the few essential oils you can put directly on your skin without hurting yourself. Apply directly to cuts and scrapes. I use an eye dropper and just dribble a few drops right onto the skin and gently massage it in with my fingertips.

Lavender is also perfect for mosquito bites. One drop directly on the bite will take out the itch within minutes and reduce the swelling. You may need to put another drop of essential oil on the bite a couples of hours later (but I rarely need to).

A word on quality – I use high-grade E/Os. The extra cost for the highest quality of oil is well worth your investment. I can always tell a difference in the quality of an essential oil by its smell. But when it comes to using the oils for healing your body, the difference is dramatic, and well, essential!

99% of the time, I buy Source Vital E/Os (and have for 24-plus years):


A disclaimer: I used to teach an 80 hour Aromatherapy certification course for Source Vital. I do feel they have the best quality essential oils you can buy at this time.

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