Your Outrageous Love Letter

by Alan Davidson



While I was in Sedona, I was at an amazing event for spiritual entrepreneurs who are committed to raising humanity’s consciousness.

At breakfast one morning Marc Gafni, evolutionary spiritual teacher and our table leader said, “Let’s cut the boring introductions…How about we play a game?”

Imagine YOU are an outrageous love letter FROM the infinite. And that your LIFE is an outrageous love letter FROM you back TO the infinite…(I’m sharing my outrageous love letter below).

And I got to wondering, “Big Al, what is your outrageous life, your outrageous love letter back to the infinite?”

That little game and its bigger question has haunted me since.

Are you willing to play?

If so…

  1. Entertain the question, what is your outrageous love letter back to the infinite?
  2. Share it…gift it to someone else and ask them this same simple, yet bold question.

Share it with me…Post Your Outrageous Love Letter in the comment box below.

As promised, here is my own outrageous love letter back to the kosmos:

I am embodied wisdom. I am the delightful dance of presence and love; of awareness and compassion.

I restore the body’s dignity to its rightful place in divinity.

I am the court jester reminding us that there is “no good reason” to ever close our heart.

I am the trickster kindling the light of every spirit, illuminating the soul sitting on it’s throne of consciousness.

That’s it. Short, sweet…and huge in its scope. Now to embody my own love letter…

So please ponder your love letter to the divine. Jot a few notes and let the love flow…

For more info on Marc Gafni’s Outrageous Love Letter Project, please visit:

Outrageous Love Letters — Portfolio Homepage

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