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Whether Or Not You've Ever Meditated A Day In Your Life!

Dear Spiritual Friend,

 Does it drive you nuts because it seems so “hard” to sit still and relax into deep meditation for even a few minutes every day?

Have you ever wondered why other SERIOUS meditators are still able to live carve out the time for their daily meditation, sit still for ages…even hours whenever they want?

Have you ever dreamed of being the master of your own mind, commanding access to ENLIGHTENMENT, any time you want, and living with a wide-open heart even in the middle of the most vexing people and circumstances?

If so…

Then I hope you read every word of this letter because the secret contained inside could change your life forever.

Fabulous Gay Mystic Cracks
The Meditation Code

 “How an un-­‐apologetic “Ex-Meth Junkie, Drag Queen, Bartender to the Fabulous” from Houston, TX who couldn’t sit still for 60 seconds much less 60 MINUTES
discovered  a FAST & EASY

“Weird Tapping Meditation”

that now lets him sit in exquisite stillness and silence in just seconds ‐ Without EVER having to struggle, fidget, or stress
again during meditation”


My name is Alan and I’m the Fabulous Gay Laughing Mystic/Buddha. There I said it!

Unfortunately life wasn’t always this fabulous…  In fact, it was my worst NIGHTMARE!

“How I Went From a Meth Junkie, Drag Queen Bartender to a World Class Meditator And Spiritual Teacher…”

On the surface my story may sound outrageously different from yours…

But is it really?

Quiet, kind, polite young kid from rural Texas struggles to fit in, to “find a place to belong;” only to face the harsh reality of our world. Other kids…(and grown-ups, too) are just as scared deep down as everybody else! So they act just as cruel to each other…Judging, laughing, criticizing, and even bullying those that don’t fit in.

I did everything I could to belong…

seeking my own happiness outside of myself;

  • out there in the world…
  • out there in the matrix;
  • in the world of the Stepford Wives (and husbands),
  • out there in the “status quo” where everyone is programed to conform to their social, political, religious, and family paradigms.

I did everything I could…and no matter how hard I tried the world didn’t want a queer kid from rural Texas. So I became the REBEL. The quite, kind, and polite young man retreated to the gay scene. I turned to drugs, alcohol, and drag to stop the pain of exile and the hopes to strip my old programming.

But I was still “looking OUTSIDE of myself” for the things I craved…unconditional love and acceptance, safety and security, my true home.

I DID find a place to belong…but the cost was mighty high! I became a meth junkie, shooting up “speed;” hoping to out run my own pain.

When I first learned AIDS was caused by a virus I assumed I would die a painful and lonely death; because I had played RUSSIAN ROULETTE with my own LIFE. I had shared needles with men who had already died of AIDS. I’d seen what they suffered and just assumed it was my fate too.

In 1988 I did get clean and sober…and I happened to live with my friend, Dr. Wayne; who was an M.D. and an expert of HIV/AIDS. He kept telling me, “Alan, I think you might be negative. You’re just too healthy. You are just too healthy!”

After months of hearing Dr. Wayne say that over and over I began to hope I could make long term plans for my life…and not just the short term plans of an agonizing death.

The results of my first HIV test revealed that I was…and that I am still HIV-Negative. I KNEW I was experiencing a miracle, that I should live when so many smart, talented, extraordinary men were dying. The Universe, God, The Divine Mother…whatever you call Cosmic Intelligence had placed her hand on my shoulder and spared me.

I left The Montrose Clinic that day vowing to quit squandering my gifts and talents…I VOWED to get my act together and make a difference…for myself AND my community, my family of choice, who was in such dire crisis.

The Truth Is Simple, But Rarely Is It Easy…

“I Refused To Accept The Bullshit Programming From The Matrix, The Status Quo World I Had Struggled To Make Accept Me…Now I’ve Found The Secret To FREEDOM. And It Starts By Looking Inward, Not Outward…”

I left the AIDS clinic that day instinctively knowing two things…

  • I had been spared from a painful, lonely death for a reason. I didn’t know what that reason was yet, but I had been spared for SOMETHING…
  • The solution I was seeking to my own suffering, the pain around me from so much death and dying, and greater pain in the world that is the source of so much of human cruelty was a SPIRITUAL Solution.

The spiritual seeds were planted in 1977 when I read Illusions by Richard Bach and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. These two authors, through their writing, showed me there was a truth below the surface of the ever day status quo of life I’d been taught. My spiritual quest began in earnest in 1993 when I did a deep dive into astrology, meditation, and tai chi – a Chinese martial art and moving meditation.

But in 1988, six months after my HIV/AIDS test I found myself in massage school. The short story was I wanted to quit my bartending job, finish my college degree, and become a therapist. The longer I was clean and sober, the harder it was to see the hidden (or not so hidden) pain behind the eyes of the party crowd. And I needed a solid income to support myself though my last two years of U of H-Downtown. Massage seemed like a lateral move to make that happen.

Funny how life laughs when you make BIG plans. I did finish my degree in psychology and sociology, but by then I had seen how powerful touch therapy could really be. I’d been in talk therapy myself for years now and saw how slow that healing was…

Touch therapy and working through the body were MUCH faster than talking (and talking and talking).

It’s almost Twenty-Seven years since my brush with death and that first HIV-test. And I’ve “kissed a lot of spiritual frogs” in my search for truth. They all had some partial slice of the truth…but only partial. And most seemed agonizingly slow…

I’ve studied psychology & sociology (got a degree in those), Swedish massage, Lomi body work, Taoism, tai chi, tantra, yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Hinduism, non-violence, astrology, numerology, tarot, Native American ritual, peyote ceremonies, magic mushrooms, Nia dance, Kabbalah, Sufism, mysticism of every stripe, the Kahuna’s of Hawaii, new age, affirmations, PSYCH-K, psychotherapy, voice dialogue, crystals, cyber cybernetics, motivation, chakras, spiral dynamics, Integral Theory, EFT/Tapping…you name it and I’ve probably sampled it.

I was ALWAYS looking for
FASTER and EASIER ways to
happiness, health and wholeness…

Over thirty-two years of study I noticed my own spiral of transformation, and the patterns that emerged to create a map of becoming…

Then I met a 20th Century Zen Master and all the strands started to come together.

  • Truth to be fully lived must be EMBODIED…
  • You First Have to Become A Healthy Somebody
  • Then You Have To Become Nobody
  • Then You Have To Become Everybody
  • Then You Get To Become Uniquely You.

 It’s a mystical map that’s been woven for 5,000-plus years of human evolution…with an exciting twist that’s just come online with the 21st Century.

    “8 Fabulous People Who Had MAJOR Breakthroughs
    With Evolutionary Meditation!”

    Barbara Marx Hubbard - Santa Barbara, CA

    "I've been teaching the importance of Homo Co-creator for over twenty years. But until Enlightened Tapping I never experienced  Homo Co-Creator from the INSIDE out. I believe we need massive Evolutionary Meditation to create the species wide evolution to save our planet and our race."

    Barbara Marx Hubbard - Santa Barbara, CA, Best Selling Author - Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential
    Margaret Lynch - Attleboro, MA

    There is a part of you when you experience Evolutionary Meditation that is observing and going “Oh my God this is incredible, what’s happening right now is so cool.”

    Before I saw meditation as something that was separate from what I would do day to day. I would carve out time, I would go and try to meditate, and it can be difficult to. It can take even years to get to the space where you truly feel as though you are meditating, or you are quieting your mind, and you are actually able to achieve and enlightened state, which is of course the panacea of meditation.

    That didn’t really shift for me until I experienced Evolutionary Meditation, because I had had very limited success. Maybe I really didn’t have the patience in meditating on my own.  So when I first experienced Enlightened Tapping with Alan what I immediately noticed was how powerfully different I felt in that chair in that space, in that moment.  As Alan walked through the process I sensed these voices within myself come forward so strong, so clear, with so much to say.

    The awareness and presence with the shifting I felt internally when we went from one enlightened voice to the next … a very palpable sense of going from one space of energy, one feeling of expansion to a very different and unique feeling, almost like putting on clothing of a different fabric, it was that palpable … feeling of a different  space, a different voice, a different type of enlightenment and hearing what was coming into my mind and into what I was actually saying in response to the questions.

    Margaret Lynch - Attleboro, MA, founder and Best Selling Author of Tapping Into Wealth
    Lori Leyden - Newtown, CT

    I work in Rwanda with orphaned genocide survivors and I created a program called ‘Project Light’ which is the World’s first international youth healing, leadership and entrepreneurship program.  I also work in Sandy Hook, Connecticut  with the survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

    I experienced a big breakthrough with Evolutionary Meditation. Moments before I was going to go onstage and raise money for my charities (and this is normally somewhat of a scary and constricting thing for me). The resonance of the Evolutionary Meditation and the invitation of the words, allowed me to move into the space of expansion where I experienced my infinite self. It was a sense of permission that I could go there consciously and not just in a state of meditation or in a state of being in nature, which is being in gratitude love joy and wonder.  There was an invitation to again experience myself in ways I had come here to experience.

    I think the calling out of those different parts of me and being able to step into them in an instant and embody them, and again feel it consciously in my body, in my heart and in my mind was very surprising.

    Afterwards I had so much fun telling my story on stage, telling my big why and in less than twenty minutes we had raised $34,000!

    I don’t even need the recording of that session with Alan.  I can simply touch into that memory and the resonant field that we created and into that deeper knowing. I feel like I have the body wisdom now because it is living in my cells and I can simply recall that experience and that sense of infinite-self returns to me.

    Lori Leyden - Newtown, CT, Founder of Create Global Healing and The Grace Process
    Cliff Dunstan - Saratoga Springs, Utah

    Evolutionary Meditation with Alan, it has been probably one of the very best experiences of my entire life.  I spent years in the military, being brainwashed, and this has freed me up from a lot of thing that have held me back in my own personal life for years. From childhood abuse… just from a lot of things that I have held me back.

    I would say that this program is fantastic.  Alan is a therapist’s therapist and what he is doing is of a great service to so many people.

    Cliff Dunstan - Saratoga Springs, Utah, Meridian Academy
    Joe Hirsch - Houston, TX

    Evolutionary Meditation is an instant mystical experience at your fingertips.

    My experience of Evolutionary Meditation is that Alan has created a seminal process to move through the obstacles and resistances that stop a person from realizing the full potential of living their life in each moment from their highest self. Alan has combined Tapping with a facilitated active imagination process from Carl Jung’s work and the wisdom of the masters whom Alan has explored for decades and the result is beyond the beyond, it is breath taking. It is ineffable beyond words, it is a deliciously exquisite technique to readily provide a person access to mystical experience at their fingertips.”

    Joe Hirsch - Houston, TX, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor
    Joan Ranquet - Seattle, WA

    I think one on the most amazing things about Evolutionary Meditation is the culmination and the experience. I am someone that has done EFT/Tapping for about 10 years and I tap on people and animals.  But also I have been meditating for way too long to say. I’ve also been a seeker of wisdom, so to speak for equally as long; which is a really long time!

    A lot of things can feel like theory and one of the things that I really enjoy about Evolutionary Meditation is that it takes enlightenment into the experiential category. And there are not a lot of places that you can get that.  Combined with the tapping, it really grounds the enlightening experience and makes it integrated.

    Joan Ranquet - Seattle, WA, Animal Communicator, Best Selling Author of Communication With All Life
    Kai Rose - Clinton, MA

    I am rather new to tapping, but I feel like Evolutionary Meditation is a divine experience that I was able to partake in today. With all my previous spiritual evolvement work that I have done, this has helped to bring me to places that I have never been before. Places that are the calmest that I have ever been and that I can continue to re-visit forever.I now feel that I can walk forward with all my abilities that are in my mind that I have always thought of but have (been) holding back energy (from).  We have gone to places today and we have harmonized all of the voices within ourselves to come out stronger and come out bolder, and come out at a closer knowingness of the God-self.

    Kai Rose - Clinton, MA, Warrior for Wellness-live Fabulously!!!
    Stefan Gonik - Westhampton, MA

    I have been an EFT practitioner myself for over 12 years and a healer for 20 plus years and I attended this Evolutionary Meditation workshop with Alan today and before I even get into what we did I just wanted to say a little bit about Alan.  Alan has this really incredible warmth and acceptance and supportiveness and great humor, and his presence in leading this workshop was a huge part of it, beyond what we did specifically.  And the way he worked with each person to, no matter what happened for each person, the way he was able to hold this wonderful space for what came up for each person so they could get to this new place was a beautiful experience in itself.

    The Evolutionary Meditation workshop itself was really amazing.  I have done workshops that were just spiritual.  I’ve done worshops that were just EFT based.  This was the first time I have done a workshop than combined EFT with these different spiritual practices and the tapping really facilitated this graceful movement from one different practice to the other. Which was basically getting in touch with all these different parts which included our lower self parts like ‘The Controller’ and ‘The Protector’ and ‘The Judger’ and all these other much higher self parts like the ‘No Self’, the ‘Divine Mother’, and the ‘ Divine Father’.

    It’s a little hard to talk as I’m in this ‘floaty’ state. But the end result of it all, besides being in this wonderful , peaceful, expansive place was this feeling of being able to  more fully accept and appreciate all the different parts. And feeling the greater ease moving back and forth in amongst them.  And integrating them. It all feels easier. And I loved it, it was just really wonderful, wonderful experience.

    Stefan Gonik - Westhampton, MA, Expert EFT Practitioner, Trainer & Soulmate Attraction Mentor @

    The Evolutionary Meditation
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    • Pyramid of Consciousness w focus on The Protector
    • Pyramid of Consciousness w focus on The Innocent Child
    • Pyramid of Consciousness w focus on The Divine Father
    • Pyramid of Consciousness w focus on The Divine Mother
    • The Five Stages of Enlightenment

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