Quick Tip: Citron – The Mighty Lemon (and its juice)

Start your morning with a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it.

The way you start each day is incredibly important. Whether you’re a busy exec, a scurrying mom, an athlete dashing to training, a small business owner, or a Nia teacher, what you do first thing in your day matters. Consider swapping your standard cup of coffee for a glass of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning.

This Yogic or Ayurvedic ritual was primarily for stimulating digestion and eliminating ama, the Ayurvedic term for toxic slime that builds up in the gastro-intestinal or GI tract (totally gross).

A cup of steaming water with tangy lemon can benefit your body in numerous ways, including helping you to lose weight and keep hydrated, improving your digestion and upping your vitamin C intake. You can even spice up this morning drink to boost its benefits.

Savoring a cup first thing also allows me to tune into whether or not I am really hungry. Usually after drinking a cup of steaming lemon water, I don’t need to eat for several hours.

Combine the juice of half a lemon with 1 cup hot water. If you don’t want to squeeze your own lemons, you can substitute 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Make sure to use 100-percent organic lemon juice. You can spice up this drink and further rev your metabolism by adding a pinch of ground cinnamon and a pinch of ground ginger. Lemons will keep for up to 10 days at room temperature, so you can shop for them weekly. You also can store fresh lemon juice in an ice cube tray without losing any of its potency.

Paradoxically, lemon juice helps to promote healthy alkalinity in your body. Almost instantly, you will feel calmer and better able to handle stress.

Lemon juice also helps you to absorb minerals, so be sure to drink a bit of zest when you take any nutritional supplements.

Tracey Burnett, founder of Institute for Intergrative Nutrition in Bath, UK adds:

just wanted to comment on your tip about drinking water and lemon. Love it! I do the same myself every morning however the acid can weaken the enamel on your teeth. May I suggest that you buy yourself a beautiful glass straw to drink from so that the lemon has less contact with your teeth? Just sayin’…


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