Quick Tip: The Valium Breath

by Alan Davidson

This rediculously easy breathing exercise is powerfully potent

I use this breath the most when I sit down to meditate and my mind is darting forth-and-back, grasping every thought like a shiny new toy. Or when I’m about to give a speech and my perfection-anxiety kicks into high gear.

This simple but highly effective breath is perfect for a stress smack-down. It’s the #1 anti anxiety breathing exercise. If you sense any anxiety at all, two minutes of this breath will give you a shift in your energy…and your serenity.

The focus on the out breath activates your parasympathetic nervous system – that’s the part of your nervous system that calms and sooths your body-heart-mind.

This breath is potent, yet ridiculously simple. It goes like this…

In-breath for a count of three,

Pause for a count of one,

Out-breath for a count of six,

Pause for a count of one.

Again your focus is on the out-breath. Your exhale is twice as long as your inhale.

Repeat the cycle for a minute, two, or even ten. Then let your breath balance out, the in-breath matching the out-breath.

Guaranteed to bring a sense of relaxation and peace to any stressed-out would-be inspirational speaker, meditator, or anyone suffering stress.

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