Quick Tip: How Much Water Should You Drink?

You are what you drink . . .

by Alan Davidson

It’s summertime. It’s HOT, and your body needs extra water. Most folks, Americans especially, suffer from chronic dehydration, the constant-dry-to-the-bone thirst for water.

We often quench that thirst with soda pop, coffee, iced tea, or sports drinks—anything but water. Sorry to say all of those fancy, dressed-up excuses for liquid actually flush water from your body . . . not nourish your each-and-every cell with the water it needs to thrive.

So here’s a quick tip on how much water you could be drinking—EVERY day!

How much water should I drink?

Take your body weight and multiply it by 0.55. That’s your weight in pounds X 0.55 ounces. And that equals the total number of ounces of water your body needs to thrive.

Here’s an example:

The average American man is 5.7 feet tall and weighs 194.7 pounds. So this strapping specimen of American manhood should be drinking 107 ounces of water (194.7 pounds X 0.55 = 107 ounces of water).

For our European friends across the pond, that’s total weight in kg x 35 ml.

The average UK woman is 162 centimeters (5′ 3.8″) tall and weighs 66.7 kilograms (147 pounds) according to the Department for Trade and Industry. So this magic specimen of normalcy and femininity should, at 147 pounds,
drink 81 US ounces of water every day.

At 6’4″, I drink right at 122 ounces a day, or almost a gallon of water. I have a 102-ounce pitcher I fill every morning. Having that visual reminder keeps me on track to drink my quota.

I love adding fresh sliced lemons, oranges, or adding fresh peppermint or thyme to my water.

The pitcher I use to infuse my water is:

Alan Davidson is the founder of ThroughYourBody.com and the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences, the #1 Health & Wellness bestseller and winner of two 2007 national book-of-the-year awards.

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