Rhys Thomas: 7 Chakras

Your 7 Chakras – Pt. 1~

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Your 7 Chakras – Pt. 2~

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Rhys Thomas is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, and creator of The Rhys Method® that is exclusively taught at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. Rhys is a graduate and former teacher at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, in Hartford CT. He and Lisa Campion founded Solstice Healing Art Center to promote a community center for healers. Rhys has had an Energy Medicine practice for over 12 years, which includes Full Spectrum Healing, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Energy Reading, and Soul Reading. He is also a Reiki Master and a Second Degree Black Belt with 25 years of Martial Arts Training. He spent 27 years coaching tennis and was a national speaker for the tennis industry.

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  1. Amazing! Thank you for offering this to the world.

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