Shift Happens…

by Alan Davidson

Randy is eating my lunch! He’s the MOST immature man I’ve met in years: petty, small-minded, mean-spirited, and judgmental, no less. No wonder he’s a politician.

He’s not literally eating my lunch. I have no idea what Randy’s eating. I mean the noise my thoughts about Randy are making is driving me to distraction.

My peace of mind is ruined by the barrage of judgment as it ricochets around the inside of my head.

Dukha’s an ancient Sanskrit word that means “stuck wheel.” The Buddha used dukha as a metaphor to point to how the ego is stuck in limited perception and thus causes my suffering. The un-stuck wheel is sukha¸ the mind that is free (and able to spin in every direction). I’m far enough along my spiritual path to realize my thoughts and judgments about Randy have absolutely nothing to do with him. In a very real way “It’s all about me.” I’m eating my own lunch and blaming him.

Randy’s the karmic mirror I’ve attracted to show me where I’m still “petty, small-minded, mean-spirited, and judgmental” — Ouch! This part of spiritual growth can be a real drag.

The question is, ‘How long do I choose to try “spinning a stuck wheel” and then suffer because of it?’
All spiritual and psychological techniques are, at-there-core, basic practices that un-stick the wheel of our consciousness. The question is, “With the thousands of years and multitude of techniques, which work the best and the fastest? The world is speeding up and so is the effectiveness of many spiritual exercises.

We are learning that energy follows attention, and that a clear-focused intention can shift consciousness in a snap of the fingers. The systems I’ve found for speedy (and dramatic) consciousness-shifting are Nia, Big Mind, Inquiry—The Work of Byron Katie, and PSYCH-K. Each of these spiritual systems leverages the power of my own intention. When I realize I’m in a negative spiral of thinking-feeling-being, I can choose to shift into a loving state of being—with the snap of my fingers. Today I’m talking about two of those.

Shift happens when we choose to shift

Nia is a kick-ass dance/exercise routine, set to groovy music, whose foundation is the sensations of our own bodies and the Joy of Movement. Developing our Sensory IQ gives us the skill needed to embody the energies of the Nine different Movement forms integrated by the founders, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.
During a Nia routine I’m guided through movements that express:

•    The martial arts of Tai chi, Aikido, and Tae kwon do;
•    The dance arts of Jazz dance, Modern dance, and (Isadora) Duncan dance; and
•    The healing arts of yoga, Feldenkrais movement, and Alexander Technique.

Each of these movement forms has a unique energetic signature. I love the snap shifts from, say, the fluid flowing feminine groove of Duncan dance to the sharp yang masculine precision of Tae Kwon Do, or the grace of a yoga pose into the splash of Jazz dance.

Shift can happen in the snap of a finger!

The learning here is knowing, in the muscles of my body, how to choose the energy I most want to be for any given moment—and with focused intention I can shift.

Big Mind – Big Heart is the seamless integration of Western psychology and Eastern meditation. American Zen Master, Genpo Roshi, integrates the insights of Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, and Voice Dialogue (created by Hal & Sidra Stone) with the dynamics of Zen Buddhism. The simple story is we have many “voices,” or sub-personalities, within our consciousness. Over time some of these voices become quite dominant, while others become weak or even suppressed. Think the voices of “petty, small-minded, mean-spirited, and judgmental.”

Genpo realized that the Enlightened voices are already there, always present in consciousness, just waiting to be accessed. With a little ground work talking to the voices of the ego, and focused intention, the thousands of voices of enlightened consciousness are easily accessed, and can shift with the snap of the fingers. I can move from self to no-self like that!

Both these systems have at their heart the realization that states of being are temporary, arising within our bodies and consciousness.  By developing my awareness and intention I can choose to be any energy I want. I can choose the cheap thrill of righteous indignation and project my “petty, small-minded, mean-spirited, and judgmental” selves on Randy. Or, I can choose the energy and voice of enlightened kindness.

Which feels better in my body? Which is more effective for my life? Which heals my heart and the relationships around me? Which feels stuck and which un-stuck?

Shift happens, and for Randy’s sake (and my own) I get to choose.


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for this post. The past year or so I’ve felt overwhelmed with all the techniques I’ve come across. I’ve learned several, but always end up seeing something else that seems “better” or “faster”. This is a little frustrating so the past few days I have been asking the Universe which techniques will work the best and the fastest. Hmmm….very similiar to your question in this article. 🙂 Anyway, I’d never heard of Big Mind before your article so I’m going to look into this. I am also very greatful for some insite into my question. Thanks again!

    1. Alicia; the greatest teacher/guru I have is my body. My mind likes (and often craves) novelty. But it is the RAW sensation of pleasure, relaxation, and spaciousness that tells me which “techniques” work the best for me, at this time in my life, at this precious moment. I notice after awhile that the same “techniques” arise over and over again to help me return to peace and love. My body teaches me. Thanks for saying Howdy…ad

  2. Dear Alan,
    Thank you as always for your enlightened offerings. I am certainly aware of huge and uncomfortable shifts occuring in myself and in the environment at the moment. I am also almost immediately aware of the power of thoughts to cripple, although the shift takes a bit longer for me to restore equilibrium. Thank you for reminding me of the different methods to shift focus and move energy. One of the most powerful for me is through sound, and thankfully I have the ability to shift others energy through sound too. I just need to tape my own sounds so that I can give myself the boost I need when I am down. Love your work – always so inspiration. Yeh, I’m mad at Randy too!

    1. Marie, thank you for your kind words…Yes, sound is one of my favorite (and very powerful) ways to shift my being, my energy, my attention. From a resonant ommmmm, or sacred chant, or the simple vowel sounds. Most important is the intention to shift. Energy follows intention. Have a FAB day Marie…

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