Hey, thanks again for taking the time to answer the three questions in our survey. As a special thank you I’m gifting you the audios for three of my meditation talks and programs. I’ve been leading the same meditation group for 18 years now. Here are three of my fave talks and meditations about our MIND and working skillfully with it.

1. Asleep, Awake, Aware

Right click this link to download the audio .mp3 file

2. Rituals of Rest and Recovery

Right click this link to download the audio .mp3 file

3.Unshakable Peace of Mind

Right click this link to download the audio .mp3 file


  1. Thank you Alan, such a generous gift in return for such a small favour. You have a beautiful and generous heart you are such a shining example of how to be.

  2. thank you for your creativity and generosity…now is the perfect time of learning for me…I look forward to experiencing your meditations & the gifts they conjure. Thanks and Many Blessings

  3. I love you too Big Al…that was fun! Cheers to 2012!

  4. Wow! I think I just got my “3 wishes.” Thanks!

  5. I enjoyed the process of completing your survey. I felt guided with ease, had fun with the thought provoking questions and felt lighter by the end. I am now excited to listen to your meditations. I appreciate how you consistently share so generously, you inspire me, thank you for your generosity. Love you big BIG Al 😉

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