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Barefoot Doctor: 2012 – THE MESSAGE – What the Ancient Taoist Masters Say About The World in Wobble

Tuesday January 10th, 2012 – 7:30 to 9:30 PM @ The Spectrum Center
$20 before Jan. 8th/$25 after

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The Ancient Tao

2011 was a year of unprecedented change on every level – In 2012 these shifts will intensify.
There is marvelous sense of flux in the Tao at the moment, what with the very fabric of reality being stretched out of all shape on every front. We’ll soon be learning how to live with each other in a completely new way in a completely new world.

So how do you STAY STEADY, CALM & CENTRED and make sure the shifts you experience personally feel positive rather than negative – especially if the world is on the wobble?

Take Barefoot Doctor’s prescription for transformation:

Lao Tsu - Ancient Taoist Master

He’ll share with you techniques & tactics so powerful they were kept secret for centuries, the preserve only of emperors and warriors in ancient China.

Those emperors and warriors knew that the secret to success in every area of life rests on inner strength and personal power. These exercises are extremely powerful for resetting your internal systems and rebalancing your relationship with the world, and I’d love you to be part of it all too.

Are ready to make a positive shift in ALL areas of your life – relationships, health, work, finances, wellbeing and happiness?

Join Barefoot Doctor, aka Stephen Russell for 2012: THE MESSAGE. Stephen has dedicated his life to exploring, practicing and teaching these TAOIST LIFE MANAGEMENT SKILLS – and he’s brought them up to date for busy people like you in the modern world.

•    NEW EXERCISES – He’ll be demonstrating some sound, movement, visualization and meditation exercises you won’t find in any of his existing online trainings

•    CORE TECHNIQUES –  your opportunity to learn the ‘Eight Principles
Of Personal Power’ – the bedrock of sanity and of all the Taoist techniques he teaches

•    ENERGY MEDITATION EXERCISES – He’ll lead some relaxing meditation sessions to help you instill the principles I teach deep into your psyche

•    MY PERSONAL ROUTINES – He’s a martial arts master and he’ll share with you some of the moves from Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Pa Kua, as well as the chi gung moves he use in my daily regime to stay healthy, strong and focused

•    ASK BAREFOOT DOCTOR YOUR QUESTIONS – He’s here to help – ask him your specific questions – about the Eight Principles, the Taoist system, chi, putting the principles to work for you in life, any concerns you have.

Stephen is fully impassioned about the transformative power of what he teaches and know you’ll have a wonderful experience at 2012: THE MESSAGE. He looks forward to meeting you in person and teaching you techniques and moves to help you stay steady, centered and calm whatever the ups and downs 2012 brings you, so you can make quantum leaps forward in your relationships, health, work, finances, wellbeing and happiness.

WHO: Stephen Russell—The Barefoot Doctor

Barefoot Doctor: Stephen Russell

Stephen Russell, aka The Barefoot Doctor is one unique character. He has dedicated his life to exploring, interpreting, practicing and teaching the methods and philosophy of ancient Taoism, which he has made modern and funky—and appealing to the man/woman in the street.

He is a voice of wisdom for unsettling times, a martial arts expert, and meditation master, doctor of acupuncture, TV and radio presenter, author, dance music producer, columnist, and internet innovator.

Stephen has authored 15 books, all on the various aspects of work he has done so far including HANDBOOK FOR THE URBAN WARRIOR, LIBERATION, MANIFESTO, and PURE: THE MAN WHO DROVE WITH HIS EYES CLOSED. And more recently, he just published his 15th book, THE MESSAGE.

For five years, Stephen was also a weekly columnist for THE OBSERVER. Stephen has been featured on many popular UK TV programs including co-host of HEAVEN AND EARTH for BBC1, a stint on BIG BREAKFAST, many GMTV appearances, and he’s had his own series, THE BAREFOOT DOCTOR, comprising Stephen doing ‘street healing,’ which got all the best picks of the week, month and year at the time.

More recently, Stephen has set up some revolutionary ways of teaching via video and live online events, using his own websites.

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Stephen Russell: Barefoot Doctor in Houston, Texas

The Tao of Healing through Sound and Movement +
Taoist Manifesting & Magic

Two Days with Barefoot Doctor

January –  14th & 15th – 2012 – Houston, Texas –
$197 in advance
$227 at the door
@ The Spectrum Center –
9 AM to 5 PM both days
4100 Westheimer @ Mid Lane Suite 233
Houston, Texas 77027

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The Tao of Healing through Sound and Movement

The sound of the universe - AUM.

This entire universe is built on a sound wave occurring at 50 octaves below human hearing.  Physicists call it the background radiation wave. Yogis call it the AUM.

Taoist mystics thousands of years ago understood that sound is the primary carrier of energy and found a way to move sound through your body to heal your five vital organs.

They also understood that your five vital organs correspond to the five primordial elements which underlie all aspects of existence, the five ‘God Particles’ recently discovered by physicists working at the CERNE particle collider in Switzerland.

They discovered that by healing your organs you automatically heal all aspects of your life: the physical, psychological, emotional, personal, social, professional and financial.

Along with this they developed the most evolved system of energy medicine known. The most popular modalities of Taoist energy medicine are acupuncture and acupressure, as well as qigong.

You will learn how to use sound to flush out your pain on every level, and to heal all aspects of you and your life with the six healing sounds. You’ll also learn how to clear energy blockages from your system using acupressure and self-applied massage. And you’ll learn how to shift the energy powerfully with qigong.

No previous experience is necessary but you’ll emerge with the healing power of a master and within 24 hours will start feeling the results in your own health and life.

Stephen Russell - The Barefoot Doctor

Barefoot spontaneously heard the background radiation wave, the AUM when he was 6 years old and has been driven by the urge to explore and share the power of sound for healing ever since. He started training in energy healing at the age of 11 with his then Aikido master, Tio Honsai. He went on to study psychotherapy and consciousness with RD Laing and qualified as a doctor of Chinese medicine in 1983. He’s spent since then healing people and helping them heal themselves. He’s treated approximately 200,000 people, taught hundreds of workshops, held hundreds of sound-healing events of various kinds, and is experienced in demystifying the system and showing you how to use the method to heal all aspects of your own life.

He’s regarded as one of Europe’s leading figures in the self-development world and is author of 15 books and is master of the Taoist internal boxing forms, Xing Yi, Pa Kua, Tai Chi and White Crane.

Taoist Manifesting & Magic
(and how to use it to manifest what you need without effort)

Taoist Manifesting is the oldest sytem on Earth

While the Law of Attraction and the Secret have drawn millions of people to the notion you can transform the conditions of your life through intention, until now, it’s not been widely known that the oldest, most evolved system of manifesting was originated by the Taoist mystics of ancient China.

They called it ‘Wu Wei’, meaning effortless manifesting, or making something happen by doing nothing. It’s more commonly known as Taoist magic, but there’s no hocus pocus involved.

What you learn to do is hone your intention until it becomes a force as strong as steel. Then you learn to focus it on manifesting what you need. And the results start occurring within a 90 day time span.

Most people stumble in the manifesting process, simply because they don’t understand the difference between what they want and what they need. As soon as you understand this difference and know what you need, you’re able to set its manifestation in process.

The Wu Wei system shows you how to determine your actual needs, by focusing on the state you wish to attain, rather than on the details. So rather than try to manifest a sum of money, you look at the state having that money will facilitate in your life. You then manifest that state and the money you need comes to you by itself, without you having to do anything other than follow your fascination from moment to moment.

It’s a radical approach and stratagem and it works to manifest everything you need in all areas of your life – health, joyfulness, peace of mind, professional success, wealth, love, social congruence and everything else that makes your life a joy.

You will learn how to know what you need, how to hone and focus your intention, how to enter the requisite state of deep meditation, how to open certain key energy points to facilitate the magic flow, and how to support the manifesting process with élan vital or ‘chi’. And the ‘magic’ operation you perform will set in motion a chain of events that will transform conditions for you within 90 days.

Barefoot is 57 years old and has been training in the Taoist ways since he was 11. He studied Taoist magic in Hong Kong with William, the `Beauteous Master’ when he was 19, and has been using it ever since.

He used it over 30 years ago, for example, to undertake the unlikely enterprise of bringing Taoist practice, which was then almost totally unknown in the West, to the forefront of the popular self-help movement, and has lived a life so rich and colorful in the process, it almost belongs in the world of fiction.

He’s taught millions of people how to use it successfully both through his workshops and his books, MANIFESTO and PURE. You can find out more about his training with William the ‘Beauteous Master’ in his book, SUPERCHARGED TAOIST (Hay House).

January –  14th & 15th – 2012 – Houston, Texas –
$197 in advance
$227 at the door

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