Tapping Liberation LIVE

Tapping Liberation LIVE Event w Alan Davidson
November 16th through 18th

How to Free Your Mind and Tap your Emotional Brilliance for Ultimate Happiness and Liberation

Experience your Wise Heart, Still Mind…

Meditate Like a Buddhist Monk In ONE Night.

How to meditate like the Dalai Lama in one weekend – You – Expansive, Vast, Free…

The insights of Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, Hal and Sidra Stone, Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi, Buddha,
Leigh Titus, and EFT-Tapping

Embody Aristotle’s the “Good Life” – Eudaimonia (Eu-die-mo-nia)
Flourishing and Ultimate Happiness

Tapping Liberation – Use the Voice Dialogue process for the ego-based and enlightened facets of your consciousness. Use EFT/Tapping to anchor the liberating states of mind into the connective tissues of your body and energy grid.

Emotional Brilliance – Heal corrosive emotions and toxic memories with sensory regression and EFT-Tapping.

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Guest Faculty – Helen Terry, Tristan Truscott, & Katherine Moyer

You will experience with our guest faculty:

Helen Terry – The Nine Energy Movement Forms of Nia & Emotional Expression Through the Body.

Tristan Truscott – QiGong breathing and movement to anchor and integrate your breakthroughs and insights into your body and consciousness.

Katherine Moyer – Sensing and Knowing Your Vibrational Frequency (And How it Changes).

When – November 16th through 18th 2012:
Friday night – 7 to 10 PM,
Saturday – 9 AM to 9 PM
Sunday – 9 AM to 4 PM

Cost –
$347 October 23rd till November 9th,
$397 November 10th through 16th

Where – Spectrum Center – 4100 Westheimer @ Mid Lane –
Suite 233 Houston, Texas 77027

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Or contact – JD Arnold – 713-942-0923

Helen Terry – “I consider myself an inspirer as much as an educator. I was born to make an inspirational difference in people’s lives through movement to music and how I live my life. When I teach Nia, I adore watching how folks light up! It’s phenomenal how many people’s lives are being changed through this practice. I consider it a blessing to have found Nia and a privilege to teach and share this wonderful technique”  Helen Terry

Helen has been devoted to teaching Nia full time since 1993. She has a special and very effective way of catering to the unique needs of each individual. She helps folks feel great while giving them the skills they need. As well as a top international Nia trainer, an entertaining, “to the point” speaker and multiple business owner, Helen is also a wife and mother who loves spending family time with her daughter and “home support” husband.

Tristan Truscott – As a young man Tristan Truscott became involved in the Martial Arts where he began his study of the mind-body-spirit connection. After many years of dedicated training Tristan was granted the coveted level of Black Belt and went on to build a thriving Martial Arts Academy with over 300 students. In the year 2000 Tristan was forced to end his martial arts career, due to a crippling back injury. Even after five years of intense pain and an unsuccessful $90,000 surgery by top doctors in Beverly Hills, Tristan pushed onwards seeking a solution to his crisis. In the year 2005 he finally had a healing breakthrough that helped him reclaim his health and begin teaching again. Tristan discovered that the focus of the mind when unified with the energy of the body is the greatest transforming power we have, if developed correctly. Today, along with his wife Sabrina Truscott, he joyfully teaches people their breakthrough mind-body-one system for physical healing, energy building, mental focus and manifestation called the Satori Method.

Kathrine Moyer – Personally selected and trained by Rob Williams, the Originator of PSYCH-K®, I now teach internationally and hold the space for people to move past limitations, to remember and embrace their true divine potential.  I am blessed with the opportunity to assist people of all backgrounds in re-writing the software of their mind to change the printout of their lives!

I believe we are all divine beings; and while having this human experience we’ve built layers of illusions that have separated us from our truth. Since 2002, I have been sharing this life changing process with those ready to reclaim their truth again. I believe that every person on this planet can benefit from using PSYCH-K®. I also feel if you pass an opportunity to learn and experience this cutting-edge ancient wisdom, you’re cheating yourself! With only ONE DECISION, ONE STEP, you can begin enhancing the experience of your life! Will today be the day YOU make that choice?

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