Unconscious Mind: Unconscious Performance Limits

Unconscious Performance Limits: shifting limiting thoughts and beliefs with intention, sensation, EFT/Tapping,
and muscle testing.

Part 1 –


Part 2 –


Part 3 –


Right click here to download your Unconscious Performance Barriers worksheet.


  1. Hi Alan
    Your tapping is helping, re-kindling, boosting my ongoing striving to install a ‘success’ mindset.
    I intend to keep going, do one session a day for 21 days, a period recommended for replacing a negative old habit with a new positive one.

    Thanks and best wishes

    Michael (London).

  2. Linda Sanicola says:

    Hey Alan- enjoyed watching the video- great application of EFT!

    1. Linda;

      Still percolating from our time in FLA together. Thanks again for the scrumptious meal. Glad you enjoyed the tapping. Pretty amazing how easy it is to shift…

      Love your way. ad

  3. I enjoyed watching the efficient use of EFT and muscle testing to make progress against this unconscious barrier. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hey, Cambrey;

      Thanks for taking the time to watch the vid. Lift everything you can…

      Dance with you soon? ad

  4. Tim Davies says:

    Thank you Alan. The demonstration is very helpful and clear. I will let you know how i get on.


  5. Great idea to ask the superconsciousness for co-operation/permission. You gt better results that way!

  6. David Monroe says:

    Very timely for me, as I am working this week on gaining clarity around my personal goals, both for work, leisure and romance. Thank you!

    1. David – def glad to help a brother out, especially another sovereign being at work. ad

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