Your Soul Legacy, Soul Goals, & Soul Purpose

higher-selfAnnihilate is such a nasty word.

Most people think it means to kill, to destroy, to wipe off the face of planet Earth. And it does mean that.

To “be annihilated,” means to die without meaning, to die without purpose; to live and die and not matter. To “be annihilated,” means the dash separating the birth-date and death-date on your tombstone meant little or nothing to the greater world.

We feared death since as long as human memory.

In our evolutionary time the fear of death is surpassed by the fear of dying and knowing you didn’t matter.

I get to help a lot of people on their spiritual journeys; especially my “enlightening experts;” people who help others heal and grow for a living.

Nine times out of ten, when I ask these change makers what they most want for their lives, they say, “I want to have an impact. I want to make a difference.” Making money, making a good and decent living doing what they are destined to do comes in a distant second.

People want to matter.

Well here’s a news flash. The Infinite Universe wants you to matter, too.

At birth your DNA is encoded with blueprint for your incarnate body.

Just as true your soul is imprinted with your destiny…your Soul Legacy.

Let me unpack this a bit…

I talk a lot about “Whole Body, Whole Being Presence;” being fully conscious at every level of your awareness and every level of your being.

That another way of saying “fully enlightened, fully embodied most fabulous, most extraordinary Self.”

Whole Body is your physical, emotional, mental, moral, & spiritual IQs.

Whole Being is your spiritual anatomy; your five spiritual realms, your fifteen gross-to subtle dimensions of energy, and your fifteen chakras.

Whole Body, Whole Being~
Whole Body, Whole Being~

I’m working my way to your Soul Legacy, hang with me for a bit more…

Your five spiritual realms, tracking your five spiritual states of awareness are:

  • Incarnate – chakras 1-3
  • Soul – chakras 4-6
  • Over-Soul– chakras 7-9
  • Witness – chakras 10-12
  • Oneness – chakras 13-15

Your auric field, your energetic container of golden liquid light includes your whole body and chakras 1-9.

Your Incarnate Self holds your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Your Soul Self holds your etheric, archetypal, and angelic bodies.

It is your Over-Soul Self where your Soul Legacy gets interesting.

Your Witness and Oneness Selves are beyond any sense of a personal self. These are the infinite and eternal Selves that are always, already a part of you; even if most folks are totally unconscious of these spiritual realms.

Only 94% of our world’s population is consciously aware of the everyday, waking Incarnate Self. That means that 94% of our fellow human family is unconscious to and inexperienced with the higher spiritual realms.

Ancient Tibetans called your Over-Soul Self the “causal” level of your consciousness. Your spiritual imprints and blueprints are stored here.

Your auric field contains your incarnate, soul, and over-soul realms.
Your auric field contains your incarnate, soul, and over-soul realms.

The karmic patterns your soul is working off, life time after life time, are stored here in chakras seven through nine. Also the blueprints for your Soul’s Legacy are stored here.

Your Soul Legacy is the soul potential you have available in this lifetime to activate and embody. Which is way greater than your dominant left-brain, thinking mind can even imagine, much less wrap it’s possibilities and probabilities around.

Embodying Your Soul Legacy is a 1) stage of your enlightenment and 2) your skill in manifesting the reality you choose to live in.

Your Soul Legacy includes and integrates your Universal Soul Purpose, Your Unique Soul Purpose, your Soul Goals, your Soul Type, and your Divine Audience. As you can see there is a ton to info for you and about you at your Soul and Over-Soul levels of being.

  • Imagine taking your last dying breath and your soul leaving your body…
  • Imagine your life review and at the end of that review your soul jumping up and down in ecstasy saying “I did it.” (As if souls actually jumped up and down, but sense the ecstasy).
  • Sense knowing that you achieved every level of BEING that your soul knew was possible in this lifetime. Imagine your soul giving a whole being, “Yes!” Add a light-body fist-pump!
  • Imagine that you embody every enlightened skill available to you.
  • Imagine clearing all the karmic imprints you agreed to heal during this lifetime.
  • Imagine helping every one of your fellow human beings that you agreed to uplift and to heal.
  • Imagine having the impact you soul-contracted to have during your years on planet Earth.
  • Imagine mattering in ALL the significant ways you possibly can, leaving the mark you declared to the infinite universe as you incarnated into this body and this life.
  • Imagine soul dreams fulfilled; dreams your small self doesn’t even have the courage to dream right now.
  • Imagine the Soul Legacy that you leave behind you once you die; the ripples of love that will continue on long after your body is dust and ash.
  1. Your Soul Legacy can be a happy, healthy family.
  2. Your Soul Legacy can be a book that is in print hundreds of years after you die; that continues to touch hearts and inspire readers.
  3. Your Soul Legacy can be a business or foundation that continues your good works after you are long gone.
  4. Your Soul Legacy can be a movement that transforms and transmutes humanity on its evolutionary spurts to whole body, whole being presence.


I’m offering a small group 90 day spurt to “embody your soul legacy; tap your most fabulous, most extraordinary self; and manifest your 10 year, 3 year, and 90 day Soul Legacy goals.”

This unique group is limited to 9 extraordinary people who are ready to manifest their Soul’s desire and Legacy.

Till now, this Soul Legacy manifestation work was only available to my $5k monthly VIP marketing clients and my $3k monthly spiritual mentoring clients.

To apply for this intimate Fall-2017 90 Day Spurt please, click here and fill out the short questionnaire.

Thanks so much…

Alan D~

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